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SecondHand HO European Buildings, British OO Locomotives and Rolling Stock

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DX Locomotive KiwiRail HO New Numbers 5172, 5304

Frateschi - DX Locomotive KiwiRail - Red Gray Split (3172-5022) Road Number differs from picture

British Secondhand

Massive British Secondhand in store

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Frateschi - DC NZ Railway Blue HO

Frateschi - DC NZ Railway Blue

Mack's Price: $166.44
You save: $18.50 (10%)
*NEW* Glorious South Island Steam Power

Unique new book. Many never before printed photos of Historic Steam Engines. A must have for many NZR enthusiasts

Frateschi - DX Black/Yellow (3154-5229)

Frateschi - DX Black/Yellow #5229 (3154-5229)

Mack's Price: $166.44
You save: $18.50 (10%)
Marklin- Z Scale Christmas Starter Set (81846)

Marklin- Z Scale Christmas Starter Set (81846)

Mack's Price: $494.99
You save: $100.01 (16.81%)
Frateschi - DX Tranz Rail Powered

Frateschi - DX Tranz Rail Cato Blue Powered #5431 (3147-5431)

Mack's Price: $166.44
You save: $18.50 (10%)
Capital Videos- A Drivers View from Waikanae to Wellington

Capital Videos- A Drivers View from Waikanae to Welllington

Frateschi - Refrigerator Car White (2015NZ)

Frateschi - Reefer - White (2043)

Mack's Price: $28.38
You save: $3.16 (10.02%)

 The Denniston Incline was one of the greatest creations from the age of coal and was regarded by many as the eighth industrial wonder of the world. The system operated with a full wagon of coal going down pulling an empty wagon up. Over 80 years of operations there were many runaways and smashes.

Frateschi - Stock Car Kit (2001K)

Frateschi - Stock Car Kit - Red Oxide (2001K)

Mack's Price: $28.38
You save: $3.16 (10.02%)
Frateschi Ghan Set

 New Release of the historic Ghan train in Australia

Peco - Flexitrack Wooden Ties SL100

Peco - Flexitrack Wooden Ties (62A)

Price is per piece

Frateschi - TranzScenic Passenger Coach HO

Frateschi - TranzScenic Passenger Coach

Mack's Price: $46.30
You save: $5.15 (10.01%)
RR-Cirkits - Locobuffer USB

RR-Cirkits - Locobuffer USB

NZR Frateschi - TranzScenic Std Dining Coach

Frateschi - TranzScenic Std Dining Coach

Peco - Flexitrack Code 75 (SL100F)

<p>Peco - Flexitrack Code 75 (SL100F)</p>